The Finnish IPv6 Task Force  

The national IPv6 working group acts as the Finnish IPv6 Task Force in relation to the European IPv6 Task Force.

The group promotes the adoption of the IPv6 protocol in Finnish communications networks, and monitors and contributes to related international standardisation. The work focuses particularly on an examination of the methods intended for migration of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and the preparation of related guidelines for national implementation to ensure interoperability of communications networks, equipment and services.

Following documents have been produced by the group:


  • IPv6-kyselyn yhteenveto (in Finnish, Summary of IPv6 questionnary, published 18.3.2008)

  • Siirtyminen IPv6-protokollaversioon - erityiskysymyksiä (in Finnish, Transition to IPv6 protocol version - special questions, published 18.1.2008)

  • Työryhmäraportti 9/2005 IPv6-tilanne Suomessa (in Finnish, Working group report 9/2005 IPv6 situation in Finland, published 28.9.2005)

    Following presentations have been given in the meetings:


  • Max Hamberg, VM 16.5.2008: Yhteinen turvallinen tietoliikenneratkaisu (in Finnish)

  • Jari Korva, VTT, 16.1.2008: IPv6 Ready (in English)

  • Juhani Juselius, Viestintävirasto, 16.1.2008: FI-juuren IPv6-tuki (in Finnish)

  • Bilhanan Silverajan, TTY, 12.12.2006: Bringing IPv6 to Home Networks (in English)

  • Abbas Moslemie, Nokia Networks: IPv6 (in English)

  • Jari Korva, VTT Electronics: Experiences from 6WINIT Project (in English)

  • Pasi Kyheröinen, Elisa Innovations: Siirtymämekanismit (in Finnish)

  • Aleksi Suhonen, TREX: TREX ja IPv6 (in Finnish)

  • Juha Wiljakka, Nokia: IPv6 (in English)

  • Heikki Vatiainen, Tietoliikennetekniikan laitos: IPv6:n tilanne TTY:llä (in Finnish)

  • Heikki Pentikäinen, VTT: Future Home Project and IPv6 Activities and Results within Future Home (in English)


    IPv6 seminar 15.10.2008 - Program and presentations (in Finnish)

  •  IPv6 seminar




    You can join the group and distribution list by informing your contact details via e-mail to Elina Huopio (e-mail: